Frank Moretti
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"Frank Moretti" (1943-2013) was a Professor of Communications, Computing, and Technology at Teachers College, Columbia University and Visiting Professor in the Columbia University School of Journalism.

He was a researcher in the area of new media teaching and learning and the use of digital technology in education, as well as co-founder and Executive Director of the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning. He earned a Ph.D. in History and an M. Phil from Columbia University, an M.Ed. from Teachers College, Columbia University/Teachers College and a B.A. in Greek and Latin from St. Bonaventure University. Dr. Moretti's 1983 dissertation was entitled "Augustus and Vergil: Pietas and the Pedagogy of Power". In 2012, Dr. Moretti published a work on the communications theorist James W. Carey, co-authored by Annie Rudd, entitled "James W. Carey: Sentinel of Democracy".

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Incremental improvements really make a difference.

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