"Frank Kelly" is an Irish actor, singer and writer, whose career has covered television, radio, theatre, music, screenwriting and film. He played Father Jack Hackett in the sitcom Father Ted. He is the son of the cartoonist Charles E. Kelly (cartoonist)/Charles E. Kelly.

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The people who tend to get hurt while running are those who are just getting started or those who are stepping things up a notch.

We wanted a stone on his grave. This gives him the recognition he deserves.

I knew that when he stopped speaking, I would have finished the play. One day one of the other characters said something and he didn't reply, it was such a relief!

This part of the cemetery doesn't look as barren as it did.

Everything went so smooth. It was almost like there was somebody looking over this thing.

You kind of feel a little sorry for the guy. What keeps going through my mind is (growing up) he could look out his window and see the cemetery, and there he is three years after he lived there, back in that cemetery. It really wasn't much of a life.

Right now, we need qualifying donations, ... We don't want people backing up a dump truck; there is a limit to what we will accept.

Drug use prevention is the best treatment and it cost less in lives and dollars.

Things were at a fairly low ebb. Everybody knew me but I wasn't getting much work. So Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews asked me to string together a series of expletives, which I did in the style of this other character, and they just sort of looked at each other.