France welcomes the announcement made in Baghdad and hopes that the accord will respond to expectations.

The three nations plan to review the current status of talks with North Korea and exchange opinions on future policy toward North Korea.

Due to the current atmosphere and conditions, the seventh China-Japan-Republic of Korea leaders' meeting will be postponed until a proper date.

The Russian embassy in Tehran gave to the Iranian side an official note saying that the previous Russian proposal of the creation … of a joint Russian-Iranian company to enrich uranium remains in force.

The content and tone of such unacceptable comments confirmed worries over the policies being followed by the new Iranian leadership, particular concerning the nuclear issue.

We will step up the strengthening of our nuclear deterrent force as a justified self-defense measure to counter the threat increasing daily from the U.S. strategy to isolate and stifle North Korea.

We will closely monitor the new authorities' moves. We will define our relations with them according to their acts.

Given the obvious sensitivities, we could not accept involvement of Indian military on our side for relief operations.

Chinese government and people resolutely opposes the United States and Japan in issuing any bilateral document concerning China's Taiwan, which meddles the internal affairs of China, and hurts China's sovereignty.