I never thought (the crowd) was that huge. When you realize you are not alone, you grow stronger, ... Sanay tayo diyan (We are used to it).

It is easier to run a revolution than a government.

I would venture to say that if you want to buy dollars, they would be cheapest here because of the volume of remittances.

You even have tourists visiting the site which is great. It would make people more conscious about the availability of alternative power sources.

Frankly, if there's money to be made the province would have involved itself.

It is not a choice of life, it is a choice of death. If this is life, I'd rather die.

Sir, ma'am liked this when she saw this in New York. But she couldn't afford it.

It's not really going to make anyone rich.

We only sold a portion because, upon the advice of the World Bank, those carbon credits that we are still entitled to may be sold at a higher price later.

There are many things we do not want about the world. Let us not just mourn them. Let us change them.