The objective of his life is not just to make money, but to have influence and to follow the heritage of his grandfather.

He doesn't have much time for notions of social responsibility.

If you look at their numbers, which are difficult to understand, the basic issue, in our view, is that they have not reduced their excess capacity. If you have excess capacity of 1.5 million units a year, you simply can't be successful in the car business.

They've solved the quality problems at Mercedes. I think they're on the right track.

We'll see how tough they can be in negotiating with the unions. They recognize now that the contract they signed last year was not very intelligent.

He understands the U.S. market and recognizes that with 70 million cars a year, it is the most important market in the world.

If they do everything they announced today, they are on a sound basis to be solidly profitable by 2009.

He is a very unassuming guy. He always says: 'Look at the other CEOs, they're more important than me.' But those guys could learn from him.

It's time-consuming and expensive, but if they manage to reach the target, it's important for Mercedes.