To file a suit in the court is very expensive. Poor people cannot pay. We can give them free legal aid and help the poor people.

Good work today, Stephen.

I am very happy. When he went through the door, the last time they showed him, it was very heartfelt for me. I pray to him to bring everybody to heaven.

Congratulations Stephen, ... I'm glad I could be here for that last were really impressive.

The point is that we are not at a place yet where we can say one way or the other.

[Within that] relatively focused ... out of 56 questions there is only one on homosexuality.

As a great sign of this whole message truly coming from God, a marvelous miracle was worked in the sky above Fatima before 70,000 witnesses on Oct. 3, 1917, ... and that miracle occurred at the time, date and place that the children had prophesied in the name of Our Lady of Fatima.

Right, ... It's amazing that you all ended up on the same team.

I already have plans, Stephen, ... but thanks for the offer. Are you sure you have time for pizza, Mark? I thought you mentioned a project you had to work on tonight.