Evan Thomas
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"Evan Welling Thomas III" is an United States/American journalist and author. He currently teaches journalism at Princeton University.

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Victory must be assured in advance. And the American public must be all for it from the outset.

I knew it couldn't get any worse. You've just got to trust your stuff.

I think in our lifetime there is a probability that one of these weapons is going to go off in New York or Washington or some big city like that. The CIA needs to be doing everything it possibly can to penetrate terrorist cells and outlaw states.

It sounds funny to say it, but when I was getting ready to try out, I was thinking that I really wasn't going to have to work that hard to be what I needed to be - flirtatious, outgoing, crazy and fun.

I think the biggest threat to the United States by far is weapons of mass destruction in the hands of terrorists or renegades or outlaw states, which is a huge threat, ... The Very Best Men.

There's only so much you can do when you're using loaner equipment from the universities.

I had confidence in the team, but I got a little nervous. But I knew once Malcolm fouled out we had it, because he's their whole team.