They've been great to us, thank you for everything.

He's brought about 100 back.

I just love the absurdity of doing something like this.

They would've beat us anyway.

Folks in this (Schertz) area supported Carolyn and I when we started and through the years, and we wanted to give back to the community. Supporting a new library seemed like the best way to help the whole area. A lot of people use a library.

Because it was a golf course a lot of streams were disturbed. We're going to restore the streams back into their original condition.

The homeowners will have access to all that property, the 150 acres. It's going to be real nice for the homeowners.

It was a trip of self-enlightenment, I guess. Me and the guys are closer than ever (we all almost killed each other a few times) but it was all in love.