Eric Garcetti
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"Eric Michael Garcetti" is the Mayor of Los Angeles/mayor of Los Angeles and a former member of the Los Angeles City Council, representing the Los Angeles City Council District 13/13th District. He served as President of the Los Angeles City Council/Council President from 2006 to 2012.

A member of the Democratic Party (United States)/Democratic Party, Garcetti Los Angeles mayoral election, 2013/won in a nonpartisan election for Mayor on May 21, 2013, defeating city Controller Wendy Greuel; Garcetti is the city's first elected American Jews/Jewish mayor and its youngest in more than a century.

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Our first obligation is to public safety, above all else.

This is a very good move by the mayor and one that, as chair of the committee, I will certainly be supporting.

In order to make our air clean in California , it's going to take everyone working together. That means, not just individuals but government and business as well, ... We are proud that a Los Angeles-based business is taking the lead in encouraging Californians to drive environmentally sensitive cars.