If you're feeling pressure, then you shouldn't be here.

Socially, it is funny. People are annoyed because, really who is a clown?

I think he's the most competitive Republican.

[Davis said the town contacted the county building inspections department shortly after meeting with Morton.] We've done all we can, ... The property owner acknowledges he has a problem and he's going to fix it.

Bush was in trouble even before Katrina. He was losing support on Iraq , people were worried about the economy -- even if the objective data don't necessarily support that -- and Katrina exacerbated all of that.

His legislative agenda has stalled.

We think the district can afford it. They have a large budget surplus sitting in the bank; we think we're worth it and for us it's a matter of respect after the pay raises they handed out to administrators over the last few years.

When you talk about building political power, you can't just talk about violence in the narrow sense of the word. You have to have a sense of spectacle and theater.

I think the overwhelming majority of Iraqis wants some kind of justice. Everybody wants him to brought to trial.