People need to be responsible for the adults that are in their care and custody. Steven clearly did not provide for the welfare of his own father.

We're like their Santa Claus. It's kind of special and we make them feel normal.

They're braver than me. I tell them that they have to think no matter what, they're going to get through it. No matter what.

If someone has second thoughts, they should know that they have other options than to abandon the baby -- anywhere. There was a risk that the child was not found in time and died.

That was a sad case. These cases are really made by people coming forward with information.

We are not interested in that sort of stuff. We just want to identify the baby's parents.

We are transforming non-governmental organizations into financial institutions.

Our main focus is to maintain visibility, to ensure that people are having a good time and feeling comfortable. If you're not there to have fun, we're going to deal with it with citation or arrests.

Some of the people in the crowd threw rocks and bottles at the police, but no police were injured.