"Sir Emyr Jones Parry", Order of St Michael and St George/GCMG, Institute of Physics/FInstP is a retired British diplomat. He is a former Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations/British Permanent Representative to the United Nations (United Nations/UN) and former UK Permanent Representative on the North Atlantic Council (NATO).

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There's no text but we are talking about possible responses.

Is to show the intensity of the concern, and to make it very clear at the highest level what we expect.

We're headed toward an outcome.

The role of the General Assembly in all of this is crucial.

Don't expect Rome to be built in a day, it wasn't, ... Against the difficulty of this negotiation, it's complexity, this is a very substantial gain.

At the request of and with the consent of a government.

We are not in favor of holding any individual items or the budget hostage to other issues but we do say very clearly that by the end of this year we need clarity and a determination to tackle a better management for the United Nations.

Very actively on the management dossier and putting forward proposals and driving it.