I know the girls were excited about playing at home.

We had a mental letdown today. Lake Providence had something to prove. They were not going to lie down and let up run over them. I guess some of our young ladies thought all we had to do was show up on the court.

I don't know if it was the holiday blues or what. We had no energy in the fourth quarter, which is totally out of character for us. That didn't look like the Bastrop Lady Rams out there. Offensively or defensively, we didn't play the way we are capable of playing ball. That's the reason we lost the game.

It looked like the ball just sat on the rim for a minute. It was a great shot for the team and a great shot for Caroline.

We had planned to move the ball around and use the clock, but we could not do that because we had too many turnovers. We played real good up until the fourth quarter, then we got a little over-anxious. We got into a rush, that's what caused the turnovers.

We talked about the importance of getting inside and boxing out so much after the Carroll game. We watched the film and the girls saw the mistakes they made. They made a commitment that they were not going to make the same mistakes Friday night.