It's definitely a relief. Coming back from being down 1-0, it brings us back to the past couple of weekends and how we had proven to ourselves that we were able to come back from whatever hole we dug ourselves.

Cal is a very good team. We've seen them a lot, and it's going to be interesting. We know their weaknesses and strengths, and they know ours. We've just got to stick to our plan.

It would be a big thing for us to win the first game. It would be a big win, to set ourselves up for the rest of the tournament. But if we fall short, it's obvious I have full confidence in ourselves to come back from that.

Going through what we have gone through is very helpful for us. It's incredible. We always believe in ourselves.

It's always a good weekend when we play the Arizona schools. We need to focus on our game and do the little things that make up UCLA softball.

I've got to savor this a little bit -- my last regular-season game against Arizona. Finishing it off with a nice win. I'm savoring this for sure, whenever we can come out and sweep that team it feels pretty good. We got it done today.