Emily Harris
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"Emily Harris" was, along with her husband William Harris (Symbionese Liberation Army)/William Harris (1945-), a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), a leftist United States group involved in bank robberies, kidnapping and murder. In the 1970s, she was convicted of kidnapping Patty Hearst. In 2003, she was convicted of murder in the second degree for being the shooter in a 1975 slaying that occurred while she and other SLA members were robbing a bank in California. She was sentenced to eight years in prison for the murder.

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There were thousands and thousands of people there.

It wasn't like on TV at all.

There was about an hour of sleep that night.

Simon, he's not as mean as everyone thinks he is, ... I was expecting much worse.

It's really nice to see all the people here.

It seems like he's been gone for a long time. It's just been hard not having him here.

Women who develop cancer in one breast face a very difficult decision.

It's a question of balancing risks and benefit of surgery.

You can never be assured of removing all breast tissue. But it is a huge reduction in breast cancer.