Ellen Johnson
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"Ellen Johnson" (born 1955) is an American activist for the civil rights of Atheism/atheists and for the separation of church and state in the United States. She served as the president of the organization American Atheists from 1995–2008.

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We need competent, transparent leadership, ... I see myself as a Mandela figure. Six years to get it done, then turn it over to the younger generation.

[Weah said he was] totally different ... One, she is a woman and I am a man; two, she is older and I am younger; she is an old politician and I'm an new politician. At the same time I have never hurt humanity she did. I have never organized insurgency she did.

This endorsement and expressions of support points to what we have been saying since the beginning of the campaign and that is:.

One of their key attributes.

We are looking at a second round. Every indication is that it is inevitable.

Some of the other candidates (have) foreign experience, (but) may lack the ability to be a healer.

We have to first secure the peace, we have to make our nation secure, people must feel safe and confident, ... That means we have to address the issue of young people particularly, the war-affected youths ? both ex-combatants as well as the victims.

This is a very important day in my life. I want to make history. Even if it means I will walk for 10 hours, I will do so.

I will work with the United States and the UN to restore security and address the needs of the country.