"Edward Andrew "Ed" Schultz" is an United States/American television and radio host, a liberal political commentator and a former sports broadcaster. He is the host of The Ed Show, a weekday news talk program on MSNBC, and The Ed Schultz Show, a talk radio show, nationally Radio syndication/syndicated by Dial Global. The radio show ended on May 23, 2014, and was replaced by a one hour podcast.

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We've got offers from a number of markets to move the show. Denver would like us. Miami would really like us. Seattle is very interested.

We may have outgrown Fargo, but I don't want to come off brash by saying that. I know how that will look in print: 'Bigheaded Eddie.' That's not the case. The logistic issues of it, we may have outgrown Fargo.

You have the kids that will come in with not tell his parents what's in the game, We tell the parents and they're like no way. But then you've got the parent that says I don't care what they play.

The popularity of the game will increase once the publicity of it goes into affect, Parents beware!