So there's another virus or viruses that this thing has come from. But this is the closest thing they've got on the trail of dots.

It's a tour de force. This is resurrecting a virus. I don't think it's been done before.

You never control your classroom. Your students do. They always have; they always will. You cannot be coercive enough for them.

We have to differentiate a right from a privilege. When kids see it as a privilege to be here, there's a different attitude.

If the health care budget of Vietnam is about $7 a person, that would be enough for one flu shot.

Give me $100,000 and two months, and I can recreate it right here in my lab. You wouldn't be able to tell it from the real thing that was around a hundred years ago. Would it kill at the same rate as in 1918? Probably. But you really don't want to have to find that out. You don't want to give this thing a second time around.

It sounds like maybe a good-news story with respect to temperature and climate change, but raises the question about RSV epidemics that occur in the tropics, where temperatures are always much higher.

How do you prepare for an unknown threat? They're doing as best they can given the unknown certainty.