Dwight Phillips
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"Dwight Phillips" is an United States/American former track and field/athlete and a four-time IAAF World Championships in Athletics/world champion in the long jump. He was the 2004 Summer Olympics/2004 Olympic champion in the event. His personal best of 8.74 meters, set in 2009, makes him the joint fifth best jumper of all time.

Phillips has also competed in the 60-meter dash/60 and 100-meter dashes. His personal record for the 100 m is 10.06 seconds and his time of 6.47 seconds over 60 m ranks among the top twenty fastest ever.

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In some type of way, I always feel like I'm getting overshadowed. But I did win tonight, and I do feel like I'm capable of breaking this world record. Somewhere, this year, that's my goal is to break the world record.

I t's very important to have a rival in any event. I think,it's more exciting if you have two or three or four people challenging each other.

I get my confidence from winning, just kicking my opponents' butts every time, ... That makes me feel good and I get a lot of joy in that.

I wanted to break the world record, but the conditions did not allow that.

It was me, and then everybody else against each other, so it's kind of difficult .

It's very hard to jump when you're not pressured.

It's in me physically, ... I just have to put myself in a state of mind where I'm capable of setting a world record.

I figured it was going to be hard for someone to pass me.