We're saying, 'Louisville's Most Wanted' because it's heinous, but it could be heinous on several different levels. The person's still wrong. To say that he's not worse enough is probably not a good thing to really say.

The victim in this case appears to have died of other causes, but not of the injuries that appeared to be at the scene.

Well, it's very odd that something like this happens, but again, what I want to reiterate is that no one was hurt. It could have been worse.

What the evidence appeared to look like at the time appeared to be that of a homicide.

If you still feel uncomfortable, you can ask that officer to have a marked unit come by to assure your safety a little more, so there are some things a citizen can do right off the top.

The crime is a misdemeanor in itself and it has to be obviously be committed in the officer's presence.

Looking at his background, we were satisfied that at the time he got most of those violations, he was a teenager.

They appeared to have a business relationship, but we're not sure what their relationship was outside of that.

We haven't ruled out any factors.