Dwight Gooden
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"Dwight Eugene "Doc" Gooden", nicknamed ""Dr. K"", is an American retired professional baseball player. A pitcher, Gooden played in Major League Baseball for the New York Mets, New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, Houston Astros, and Tampa Bay Rays/Tampa Bay Devil Rays from 1984 through 2000.

Gooden is a four-time Major League Baseball All-Star Game/MLB All-Star, and three-time World Series champion. He won the National League (NL) Major League Baseball Rookie of the Year Award/Rookie of the Year Award in 1984, as he led the league in strikeouts, and then won the NL Cy Young Award and a Major League Baseball Triple Crown/Triple Crown in 1985. While a member of the Yankees, Gooden threw a no-hitter in 1996.

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The beast that is always hungry, wanting more coke and laughing at my attempts to get clean and sober.

I'm very sorry for these actions. And I thank the state for giving me the opportunity to get along with my life.

I figured that pitchers had a better chance of getting drafted than fielders, so I decided I should be a pitcher. But I never expected to be picked in the first round. I wasn't even sure I'd get picked at all.

If police had picked you up, we wouldn't be talking right now.

If you can get an out on one pitch, take it. Let the strikeouts come on the outstanding pitches. Winning is the big thing. If you throw a lot of pitches, before you know it, your arm is gone.

He is an addict - period.

This is the new me.

I have a problem, sir, with cocaine. I had a cocaine relapse.