This is unconscionable. I will not apologize for anything. This is utter nonsense. The way he has handled this is worse than the incident itself.

Rachel was clearly the highlight of the trip. She is doing the best anybody has done at Valley in recent years and is arguably the best competitor in California.

It is scary to most people. But I'm sure we'll be well protected. We got approval from our parents and our pastors, so I'm sure everything will be fine.

I think it's a patriotic thing to do. A lot of entertainers haven't stepped up to the challenge, maybe because they have had an issue with the war. But I think you can have an issue with the war, but still support the troops. Those guys, some of them don't want to be over there, but they're serving their country. Our guys can use our help. So they'll get a helping hand.

We feel that the idea of authenticity is cross-boundary.