Wright has an exceptionally strong leg, and he could really be something for them. While Ohio State has been sending kickers to the NFL, Michigan's haven't burned things up out there, but Wright can change that. He could really be something.

This is the culmination of not just one dream, but the dreams of many people.

Outside of those last couple guys that are still in question, Ohio State's staff has to love this class. I think it has probably been underrated in most corners, but the only critical thing I see is that it would have been nice to have a couple more offensive linemen - but that's it. They've got everything else covered with outstanding talent.

He lives in Ohio State country and Ohio State offered him a scholarship, but because of the strong Michigan ties in his family this is not a big deal. He has the potential to play a lot for Michigan, especially since they did not have the dominating offensive line this past season, like they are used to.