They carry a lot of the weight. But the great thing is we're starting to get scoring distribution throughout the lines.

That gave us an opportunity to right the ship. We can remind them of that.

We kept pressing. We haven't shut the engines off until the last buzzer all season. It worked for us today.

We can play better. But I think we've established a pretty good balance to our game and the kids believe in the system.

We did a good job in the neutral zone. We allowed them to dump 50-50 pucks into the zone as opposed to using their speed to turn our defense.

He's answered the bell every game. He helped us steal a tie against North Branford [2-2] early in the season. He's allowed our defense to gain confidence as a unit.

The kids did an exceptional job at trying to slow a very high-powered, skilled and fast Tri-Town offense. I think, on this night, our kids had it in their heart we were going to lay it all on the ice.