Our defense did a great job, given our offense an opportunity to tie the game. We just couldn't get it in.

Every time we went for it on fourth down, we were in their territory. We didn't think punting to them would be beneficial for us.

Our main focus right now is our D zone coverage. Hopefully when the puck drops we'll be ready.

Right now I don't think as much in terms of wins or losses as much as seeing how the team performs. How we handle the long trip and how we come together as a team is what I'll be looking at. As long as we work hard and do things right, I'll be pretty happy.

The challenge is really down the line.

I think we're ready to go. We're not where I want us to be just yet, but I like our work ethic and I like our tenacity and grit. The kids will have their adrenaline pumping (tonight).

Our backs did a really good job once we got that fumble and touchdown out of the way. It took a while for them to get into the flow of the game because Crisp has a lot of speed that our young kids weren't prepared for.

That was the huge mistake for us. That hurt. We had them ready to turn the ball over again and instead we gave them a breath of fresh air.

We've talked about it, ... If he wants to drive a sprint car when he's old enough, I'll do whatever I can to support him. On the other hand, if he told me tomorrow that he didn't want to race anymore, I'd be fine with that, too. It will be entirely up to him.