Normally we make that big run and run off and hide, but Serena would have no part of that. Serena played hard and they have a lot of seniors who play with a lot of pride. They came at us hard, but we expected that. But there was no doubt that we wanted to take advantage of our size advantage and pound it inside ... and I thought that was the difference.

Reed-Custer did a good job of spreading the floor on us. We have seen virtually nothing but the spread offense for the last four games, but Reed-Custer did a good job of it.

We really didn't get the game in our control until about three minutes to go in the game.

We've played seven games in eight or nine days with Christmas thrown in there. We are ready for a break.

After Plano went up on us 5-2 we got hot and started hitting on all cylinders defensively and offensively. Of course Garrett was hot, and any time he is hot he hits a ton and he sets up so many other players, too.

We've defeated Marquette twice. On both occasions, we played pretty aggressively on the defensive end. We need to continue that trend against Serena. It should be an interesting game.

We will have a size advantage. I'll tell you one thing, we had better be ready to stop Serena and step out to defend the three-point shot. We will definitely need to defend because Serena has many capable long-range shooters.