Donna Reed
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"Donna Reed" was an American film and television actress and producer. Her career spanned over forty years with appearances in over forty films. She is well known for her role as Mary Hatch/Mary Hatch Bailey in Frank Capra's 1946 film It's a Wonderful Life. In 1953, she received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Lorene Burke in the war drama From Here to Eternity.

Reed worked extensively in television, notably as Donna Stone, an American middle class mother in the sitcom The Donna Reed Show (1958–66), in which she played a more prominent role than many other television mothers of the era and for which she received the Golden Globe Award for Best TV Star in 1963. Later in her career, Reed replaced Barbara Bel Geddes as Miss Ellie Ewing in the 1984–85 season of the television melodrama, Dallas (1978 TV series)/Dallas, and sued the production company for breach of contract when she was abruptly fired upon Bel Geddes' decision to return to the show.

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Remember the night we broke the window in this old house? This is what I wished for.

He saw how it saved my life.

When you handle yourself, use your head; when you handle others, use your heart.

That's 14 people who've saved my life and my son's life. That was a real gift. ... When you give blood, you give the gift of life.

I've been involved with blood donation since the 1980s because there is a critical need.

What we look for in the school is unrealized potential.

Bread that this house may never know hunger, salt that life may always have flavor.

The Fall Guy.

Why can't (people) open their hearts up and look at the need for blood?