We give them the energy they need, the step that they need to take to say 'no more, I'm breaking this cycle,'.

Turner said, 'She did not want this; we hid in the room and took her by surprise,' .

But the question of what to do with Bennett now is a whole different issue.

I can't wait to get up to go to work everyday. There is a spirit of teamwork. I am always impressed with everyone's willingness to pitch in and help.

She had her baby. And then I want on to the next call.

I've never heard anywhere of someone sexually assaulting a woman in order to set somebody else up.

They've been so nurtured, they've been so relaxed, ... They've been so spiritually fulfilled that they just stop in their tracks.

It seems to me like the public has invested for the last 16 years in someone who's done a very good job, who's done an outstanding job, and to throw away that investment would be foolish.

It was a close case from the beginning, ... We tried it as well as we could have. We have no regrets about how our office handled it.