They adjusted well and we struggled against the zone. We came out anxious in the third quarter, made some turnovers and we broke down. Once we did, we could never get it back.

Speaking for the City of Kennett, it is with regret that we hear this information.

It's been suggested to me that we might be justified in asking for a current traffic count at about Russell Street.

If not, another suggestion that has been made is to lower the speed limit.

The stretch from McDonald's to the next traffic light is a race track, ... They're training for Indianapolis most of the time. A number of times we've asked for the possibility of a traffic light, somewhere in between. Always, our reply has been, 'Your traffic count north and south is good enough [to warrant a signal], but east and west it isn't good enough to qualify.'

[Gov. Dalton] lived at Jefferson City, ... But his heart was in Southeast Missouri and his home was in Kennett.