"Donald E. Camp" is an United States/American artist, photographer, and professor of photography at Ursinus College in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Camp holds both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and an Master of Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Camp is notable for his portraits that explore the dignity and nobility that can be found in the human face, particularly those of African American men. Camp’s unique printing methods are based on early 19th Century non-silver photographic processes. He has adapted these processes to use photosensitized casein and earth pigments, essentially dust, to produce his photographs. His work has been collected by the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Donald Camp currently lives and works in Philadelphia.

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We do not have assurances that there will be a breakthrough.

We firmly believe that the Maoists must abandon violence and the king must reach out and reconcile with the parties if we are to see a peaceful, prosperous and democratic Nepal.