They have to really justify it well, ... I don't know what their logic is or anything.

I'm doing something for myself. I'd like to get away from this, but it pays the bills. So until I figure out how to hide a mailbox, I have to work, pay bills and account for my time.

One thing that is comparable between those two teams is that this team looks like it is very close-knit. We got together (outside of basketball), and there was a lot of respect for each other.

All the conduct of the officers was exemplary.

There's no way we'll ever understand that. It's like explaining quantum physics to a 3-year-old.

I want my paintings to create distance from the real world. When I look at this art, I want to get in a space ship and get away from it all.

Not many hundreds of years ago, man stood on the shores of Europe looking at an endless horizon of oceans thinking that was it. People in America have thought the same thing, and it has played into man's self-centered arrogance that we are it when actually we're discovering that planet formation is as common as dirt on the beach.

They are investigating it, following up on the leads.