Win, lose or draw, this is (a case in which) fast justice is better than slow justice.

They litigated and lost, and now they don't get a free pass.

To tell the world they have a workaround without sharing what it is, to me suggests they're not comfortable with it. If they've got a workaround, go do it. I mean, quit screwing around with tantalizing the world.

Slow justice is justice denied. If we were going to lose, let me lose fast. If we're going to win, let me win fast. Seriously, there's no reason for this thing to be going on that much longer.

My official position is that we have not settled. At this stage, what's going on in District Court is clearly moving ahead. It's up to RIM to make a decision about whether it wants to settle.

We're not rolling over on this and playing dead. This is going to be reversed.