A lot of what we will do is get our arms around what we have. Look for ways to create synergy and then get everybody driving down the road in the same direction.

When she lost her husband, it really moved us. We wanted to help and we knew she could definitely use a new roof. It just made sense to apply.

That last thing we needed was a train wreck, which is potentially what could have happened.

Getting involved in a business plan competition such The Governor's Cup is a way for these future entrepreneurs to get positive exposure within the business community. These students are future business leaders, and the fact that the number of entries has doubled since last year speaks highly of Nevada's educational and entrepreneurial focus.

We don't have a lot of time. There is a sense of urgency.

Jim Rogers is wonderful fundraiser and has tremendous respect from a lot of people, but there are other people out there who would not give a dime to something just because he is involved. Just because he has those strong leadership qualities that can endear people to him or enrage them.

Let us hope that we are all preceded in this world by a love story.

We initiated the Green Flag program this year. We want fleet operators like Westwood Shipping to join in helping us reduce air emissions from ships in Port.

People ask more questions and want to know a little bit more about investments they are getting involved with. It has also made people realize the value of diversifying a portfolio.