Don Nickles
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"Donald Lee "Don" Nickles" is an United States/American politician who was a Republican Party (United States)/Republican United States Senate/United States Senator from Oklahoma from 1981 until 2005. He was considered both a Fiscal conservatism/fiscal and a Social conservatism/social conservative. After the Senate, he founded The Nickles Group, a lobbying firm.

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This is Georgia's loss, but it is really a loss for the entire country. Paul Coverdell was a good friend, a fine leader and a great senator for the people of Georgia. He dedicated his work in the Senate and his entire life to making the world a better place for other people.

If the senator really wants to support an increase in the minimum wage, we should pass the minimum wage with tax relief.

We can wait 14 months, get a new president and then do a tax cut.

It won't happen. It shouldn't happen.

Health care already costs too much. Unfortunately, the bill proposed by Senator Kennedy and many of the Democrats would make it worse. It would make insurance a lot more expensive and therefore less affordable. As a result, millions of Americans would probably lose their health care insurance.

It's probably the most expensive, intrusive regulation ever promulgated certainly by the Department of Labor, maybe by government entirely. It's costs are in the billion and billions of dollars.

I'm wrestling with it. My position has always been to have a one-vote majority, but we'll make this work. We're going to accept it and make it work.

To be sitting on their hands and say 'Well we didn't get into their computer until March of '99' and this guy was a suspect back in '95 is just unacceptable ... I think heads ought to roll.