It's a tough place to play. Tomorrow night we go in there, we're hoping there might be 250 people. It's definitely in their favor.

We didn't field our positions tonight. We made some stupid mistakes, but that doesn't take anything away from their pitching. Good pitching neutralizes good hitting any day of the week.

They [Nashua] have dangerous hitters up and down the lineup.

It was a big letdown. But tomorrow's a brand-new day and we still have a lead .

It was pretty cut and dry.

Isn't it amazing? There's some guys [for whom] it's not a big deal to play in big games, and they always come up big for you.

Now the momentum is in our favor, ... We will just try to ride it as long as we can because we are on a roll.

Did you have an interesting 50th birthday?

Who would have known that Erdos was going to have a day like today? He's human. He's going to have rough days.