I think the jobs we had with Russell were always taken for granted. The entire community thought it would never happen. We'd had a relationship with Russell for about 100 years. We always thought Russell would be our support beam.

I don't think any decisions have been made. We'll try to be prepared if they do.

It's a little disappointing, but that's the weather. You can't do anything about it.

It's just hard. It's like they say, you've got 15,000 places looking to get industry and 1,500 industries looking to locate.

We'd rather for it to go there.

We've gotten 11 companies with a total of close to 800 jobs (since 1998). That doesn't include expansions, either. We're making progress. We've got the parks, and I think we're as prepared as a small community like ours can be.

We hope we would get some suppliers out of it.

The potential for growth is astronomical.

Something good is happening on the lake.