A young child will open up a drawer on a dresser like this to try to climb up to reach something at the top. Or they might open up all the drawers, in which case a dresser like this becomes very unstable.

A voluntary UL standard requires that the units remain upright when placed on a ten-degree angle and a 70-pound weight is placed on top of it to simulate a television.

Plastic keychain anchors like these can break too easily. It's better to use either heavy straps or metal L brackets.

And the sides are soft, so it's very easy for children ages 2 and 3 who can't swim to lean and flip over it and drown.

The most common cause of death is when people leave a generator running in an enclosed space.

It may not be a very hard test to pass. It may not be enough protection in event of a rollover.

Portable generators are responsible for other injuries such as electrical shock injuries, or even burn injuries that get caused from refueling a hot engine.

Each year about 10 to 20 people die after being entrapped in the trunk of a car. And it's not just kids, but it's also adults that have been abducted or put in the trunk as part of a crime.