I think both contractors are making every effort to comply with what is being asked of them.

It was a situation where we had several well-qualified candidates who were willing to serve, ... And when we saw Tom's name come up of the list, (the county) saw a lot of advantages there.

There is a long history there, when new businesses look to relocate to Zanesville, (they) go through the chamber first, ... It just makes a lot of sense to have someone in the chamber be a part of the Port Authority.

This is probably one of the more unusual set of circumstances for this time of year that I can remember.

It's just being more prudent with the resources we have.

There's already evidence that the roads are starting to deteriorate at a much more rapid rate.

When he'd tell you a joke, you'd have to laugh because he was laughing so hard.

They've done what we've expected of them.

Most of the heavy truck industry realizes when the roads should not be driven on. But this is an unusual thaw this early in the year.