Overall fuel efficiency has decreased in recent years.

Just as we can't drill our way out of oil dependence, we can't grow our way out, either.

The fuel just isn't available. You're looking at 20 years before you have significant gains.

Fighting America's oil addiction with these standards is like fighting lung cancer by smoking 49 cigarettes a day instead of 50.

People are not happy. If this is another tactic to … exert more pressure on them to soften them up in an attempt to try to get them to accept what's been tabled, I think the company is clearly wrong.

The current fuel economy labeling system is broken.

They could have an increase (in gas mileage) two to three times what was proposed using off-the-shelf technologies that are standard and proven. Our analysis has shown these technologies could be deployed in 10 years to get light trucks up around 35 miles per gallon.