These are the kind of people the typical Web audience reads about.

We want you to be an informed consumer.

The mutual fund industry doesn't even know the Internet exists. I've always been aware how isolated and disempowered the average investor has been. The Internet has leveled the investment playing field.

The camera is a way of making an intangible experience more real. It's certainly real for us. We're on this trading desk all day, so we're inviting people to visit with us.

I think we are going to edge higher this week, but it's going to be really boring.

Democrats are seen as being pro-regulatory, and more willing to enact laws against Wall Street and laws against CEOs.

All of the top candidates have said that they want to repeal some or all of the Bush tax cuts, but Clark at least has a specific plan.

A guy like him has at least been around for a while. He's a beltway insider.