"Don Logan" is an American media executive from Hartselle, Alabama who currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama/Birmingham. A retired Time Warner media chairman, Logan also owns Seek Publishing company and the Birmingham Barons minor-league baseball team, both of which are located in Birmingham and are co-ventures with his two sons, Jeff and Stan. In May 2011, he was inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.

In 2010, he led an ownership group to purchase the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society from ESPN. In late 2011, they relocated B.A.S.S. headquarters from Celebration, Florida, to Birmingham.

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In terms of business generated, we're moving in right direction.

Life was a general interest magazine and since its reincarnation, it had always struggled to find its identity, to find its position in the marketplace.

We're delighted to have the Times Mirror titles become part of Time Inc., ... We think that their vertical sports enthusiast titles are a perfect fit with the Sports Illustrated group.

We know it's going to be something along those line we are just not exactly sure what it will be.

It's a sad day for us here.

We made a pact that, No. 1: no politics.

I don't think you'll see a lot of change. It's not like John is moving into a situation that's broken and needs to be fixed.

Over half of those were contributing nothing to bottom line. They were costing us money. It's nice to lose those.

We feel pretty good about where we are at.