Don Henry
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"Don Henry" is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF). Henry has led ACF since 1998, helping it to become a strong advocate for the environment by promoting solutions through research, consultation, education, partnerships and advocacy. In 2008, Henry won the Equity Trustees Not For Profit CEO of the Year award. In 1991 Henry was awarded a Global 500 Roll of Honour/Global 500 Environment Award from the United Nations Environment Program in recognition of outstanding practical achievements in the protection of the environment. In 2013, he won the United Nations Association of Australia Prime Minister's Environmentalist of the Year Award, recognising his work advocating for a strong Murray-Darling Basin Plan and working to establish the Tasmanian Forest Agreement with industry, government, unions and environment groups.

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The team they had in the playoffs was totally different from the team we played earlier in the season. We knew that coming in.

We have realized after 50 years of tackling the pollution problem that to be [effective] we need laws, not just voluntary agreements.

Our CERT is capable of being self-sufficient for 72 hours.

The last two years they knocked us out so we had to return the favor this year. It wasn't easy by any means especially at their place. It was definitely a battle and I knew it would be going in. We didn't get intimidated and we just kept playing like we have been.

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He's the hardest worker I've ever seen.

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