People used to come from miles around to hear him make speeches.

It is fully appropriate for the head of a national political party to secure a meeting for a supporter with an administration official or even to advocate a worthy cause.

Our intent was to conduct a campaign honorably, in compliance with all relevant legal and ethical principles. The campaign was run by good, decent, honorable, talented people and we worked very hard to follow the rules.

If Kerry wins in New Hampshire, he'll be hard to stop. If they don't create substantial credibility in Iowa and New Hampshire, they can't find salvation in South Carolina.

I understand the implications. But it does not refresh my memory.

Members of Congress do this; staff members of Congress do it; it is their responsibility to do so.

I accept responsibility for the mistakes that we made. No one is more disappointed with our shortcomings than I. Those mistakes, however, were mistakes of process, not intent.

Your support of the president and his missions and what he is doing is absolutely vital for the next 25 weeks.

There is no place that they really fit, so they've made their own little society.