[By October] it will be difficult to justify an 'amber' rating.

It's a terminal loss of influence for the shareholders of the London Stock exchange, ... They get an 18.5 percent stake in a tightly controlled company. In addition, it does nothing for them as a customers.

This reinforces the board's view that the London Stock Exchange is not up for sale.

The London Stock Exchange is not up for sale.

In particular, her knowledge of European and global operations will be of immense value to the Exchange as we widen and strengthen the scope of our European business.

I am saying to the government that there are real problems with the way banks control the networks which allow money to flow around the economy.

She brings to the appointment considerable character, business experience and IT expertise.

OM has failed to address the serious concerns we have raised about their technology, financial track record and ownership control and governance, ... two unattractive alternatives: either even more shares of uncertain value or cash and even less influence.

We'll be fighting to get the right position for the LSE for a long time yet.