If the market is going to go up next year, it's going to take some rotation of leadership. You can't have the same thing lead forever, people get tired of doing it and whatever it is, it gets overpriced. We see a rotation into tech names, just because it's been a laggard. The other things we see developing is that large will probably outrun small, and we think growth will begin to beat value.

While roughly two-thirds of [U.S. diversified equity] portfolios are managed by more than one person, starting last February, they can no longer say 'team managed.' They have to name the people managing the fund.

When investors worldwide looked for a new game that hadn't been played in a while, they latched onto Japan in a big way.

The long-term virtue of this idea, what you'll begin to create, is a terrific lifetime habit that will give a person a great deal of lasting benefit. That weighs a lot more than the short-term thrill of tearing off the wrapping paper.

Number one, long term, they will be a no-load buyer and a more cost-conscious investor and not lean so heavily on the advice of financial professionals. And two, it will force them to do a little self-educating, which is always a good thing. At the very least, if they are going to rely on someone else, they can ask intelligent questions.

In 2005, investors began to pay attention to gradual improvement in the Japanese economy aided by some long overdue government-driven reforms.

People will feel they did not make a lot of money (this year), and yet they may well see some significant capital gains taxes due on their funds holdings.

They always say pay yourself first, whether in mutual funds or in the bank, because if you pay yourself last, guess what? At the end of the month there's nothing left. Find some kind of investment you can live with so you can allow yourself to do it. Whether you believe Social Security will be there for you or not, it's still not going to be enough. And more is a much easier problem to have.

There wasn't really anywhere to go this quarter. And there's still a lot of caution out there.