They agreed the two games this year would not take place. The Principals' Council decided this and we support that decision. Anything we do as a group ultimately goes through them.

You're talking about getting away from the institutional library feel. We didn't buy library furniture - we just bought furniture that was comfortable. ... We want it to feel like people's living rooms.

We've been on a very good ride. I think it just shows greater parity between the state Catholic schools.

Once upon a time, we saw ourselves as gatekeepers ... but you can't do that now. You want to get people in the doors ... you have to show your value. You can't just sit back and say, 'We have all the knowledge in the world, come here if you want.' We have to do more than that.

I think it's an excellent change and we've received nothing but favorable responses from the coaches and players. It's a great step forward. We did research and found that other leagues around the country went to wood and loved it. Safety factors were also a concern, but not the reason for going to wood.