This really feels good for these seven seniors. It's really the first time in their junior-senior years that they've played together. Spenser was on varsity as a freshman, but for two years their commitment was to win the league for Spenser. They did that. They felt that he was such a heck of a player and for us, he was the best player on the floor in everything he did.

We were trying to get him back on the field. We saw him a little bit Monday and last Friday. He was coming around and healing a little, and you could see him getting more confidence.

Palm Springs played a nice game.

I think James did a wonderful job of finding Spencer. Those are guys who grew up together and know each other.

When we were behind by 12, they could have said it's not our night. They could have decided on something else. They didn't and did a great job.

We needed to play an 'A' game and not a 'B' game. But the boys responded well. They played hard, put West under pressure - West is good, physical, (with) good team speed - and we just needed to close some of those chances down and get forward ourselves.

We didn't play particularly well in the beginning or end of that (first) match. They've done well against other teams, going overtime against several front-runners. So they have a nice team, they put you under pressure a lot.

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I'm proud of what we did. When we got it to six (points) in the middle of the fourth quarter, our kids did what we had to do. We started pounding inside and it changed the game, then we went outside again.