As long as we're engaged in a global war on terror, anti-terrorist activities are high on our list.

It wasn't because of the institute, but because God's Word became alive in his heart again. When that happened, he was able to start to become what God wants him to become.

You'd be surprised how many people have the same names.

I didn't immediately pick up the grandchildren (because of concern for the stitches) but I felt pretty good.

At the September council meeting a fifth officer was approved. Since that meeting, the department has lost two officers, (Ken) Adams and (Ben) Barrett, ... they have since been replaced by John Wayne Davis, a certified officer, and Shannon Webb, who is a non-certified officer.

No, we don't think we're responsible for the LA shooting.

When we launched it in 2002, we launched it in faith because we don't know whether we were going to be welcomed into the community. It took a lot of investment to make this thing what it needed to be.

A lot of Christians don't have someone to mentor them, coach them, and help them understand what's going to be coming at them in terms of spiritual issues.