I'd rather forget tonight, but the players and the fans stuck by me. I'll make up for it in Germany.

There is a little disappointment but we have lots of hope and intensity for Wednesday.

There’s no question of me leaving the team. I have been here for two years and I think I will stay another three years at the club.

Michael Owen is a well-known figure internationally. I think Milan, Florent and myself have to fight for the right to play with him.

It was tough for us at the beginning, but we managed to come through it. Scoring two goals tonight in a final, for sure it will increase my confidence. There has been a lot of speculation in the last week saying I would leave the club. But that is not the discussion I had with the boss. I have signed a contract two years ago and I still have three years left.

There are rumours of me going to Marseille but I don't have contact with them. I have never spoken to them.

There are worse things than a broken leg.

I have no doubt about us. I know what we are capable of. I'm really confident for these matches.