He could repair everything. He had the brightest smile. There is a new star in heaven tonight.

We only play each other one time this year and that's a little different than it has been in the past. We used to play twice but the game is tough for us because it's a rivalry but we don't really get any (index) points out of the deal.

It's a nice little development for the community in that part of the township. It's a new look.

It hasn't grown in the number of houses, but it's grown in seasonal use.

There's a lot of continuity here. It's an embarrassment of riches.

Liz (Temple) did walk a lot of batters but I don't think she's that far off. She's right there. She just needs to maybe take another lesson and stick with it.

We need to be more efficient at what we do. Even though everybody knows each other they haven't played together at this level. It was hard to play our game against that kind of pitching. We didn't bunt today and didn't do a lot of running.

It meets all the needs. And doesn't get crazy financially.